Larry Eliachar
March 4th, 2019
I used to be a firefighter paramedic until the day I ran a call that ended my career. My partner and I were dispatched to a 50 + year old woman complaining about chest pain and shortness of breath. When we arrived we found the apartment of a hoarder and she had been living in the living room on the couch. The husband was smoking in the kitchen and 2 kids were running around. This sets the stage.
We walked in and found a woman who had been on the couch for over a year not getting up for ANYTHING! Not the kitchen, kids rooms, or the bathroom! All of which were almost inaccessible due to all the magazines, newspapers, boxes from floor to ceiling.
When I was finally able to get to her she was talking and telling me her medical history. I was documenting what she was telling me, meds allergies etc. and all of a sudden she coded, went into cardiac arrest. Well, my partner and I started to move all the clutter away from around her so that I could get to her as my partner had started to take her vitals, but there wasn’t room for both of us to be next to her.
OH, I forgot to mention that she weighed what we guesstimated around 600lbs! So we cleared out the area around her so that we could get her to the floor as you need a hard surface to do CPR. When we went to pull her off the couch the cushions stuck to her back, remember she had not gotten up for over a year. Well, we had to get the cushions off and most of her skin came with it.
So now we had a woman in cardiac arrest and the completely open sore on her back open to infection. Wait it gets better. I had called for some backup and in the meantime, we started all of our advanced life support procedures on her. I’vs, defibrillation, drugs, everything we could.
Finally, our backup arrives and we get her onto a backboard and onto the stretcher. Down the hall, we go while I quickly told the husband what was going on. Soooooo we get to the elevator and wouldn’t you know it, she would not fit in. So we backed out unstrapped her from the stretcher and thought, we are 5 pretty strong guys, we will carry her on the board own the stairs.
I decided that we should go head first, keeping the blood towards the head. Since I had put a breathing tube down her throat I took the right side of the head breathing for her with the bag valve mask. My partner was on the other side carrying the EKG machine and 2 firefighters took the feet. So down we go. Made it to the landing, did some CPR and breathing for her, then over the railing and start down the 2cnd flight. I started to hear creaking.
We made the second landing, lifting our board over the railing and started down the stairs. The creaking turned into cracking, in half, everyone came tumbling down landing on ME! I was folded in half, couldn’t move. The guys scrambled to get her off me. After they got back up and I was literally folded in the very unnatural position of in half! My back snapped like a twig, in 3 places. I was now the patient.
Unfortunately, the woman didn’t really stand a chance from the get go but we still do everything we can to try and at least show her family that we did everything we could. I don’t recall a lot except pain that caused me to keep passing out. Intense pain. I was flown to a trauma center and went through 8 surgeries in Florida, each making things worse.
I eventually was flown to Boston from Florida to see the “best neurosurgeon” at Beth Isreal Hospital. Wow! They opened me every which way, front to back caging, fusing, inserting rods and screws. Now 9 surgeries, none successful. I was told that I suffer from “Failed Back Syndrome”, and I would probably never walk again.
I was put on all kinds of pain control meds. None worked very well. I was on 9 different types of narcotic medications at one point. I was in a stupor most of the time. My poor wife didn’t sign up for this. My kids certainly didn’t have the dad they wanted. My life basically sucked from all angles. I didn’t see a way out of all this. Living on pills, depending upon my wife and kids for most everything!
I was turning into the lady that caused this, except that I didn’t weigh anywhere near what she did. With much determination and will power I weaned myself off most of the pain meds. Not an easy task and the pain was almost intolerable.
Then finally after 24 years of suffering and taking all the poison pain meds, I discovered CBD. I found out quickly that they are NOT all created equal. Somehow I came upon CTFO and I gave it a try. WOW, it was amazing! I started on the 1500mg and my senses started coming back to me, albeit slowly. I started talking with the lady who I was getting it from and it just kept getting better and better.
26 years later, 2 years after discovering CBD, I am walking tall, run a scuba dive shop, dive often and ride a motorcycle! My family got their dad back, and I am loving life! I have become a very active distributor and things are better than I ever expected them to get. CTFO CBD is hands down the best there is both CBD wise and support wise, and I have tried many. None compare, not in quality and not in price.
You are able to start a business for free! Total company support! No one else has what we have, 10 times pure and the opportunity of a lifetime no less. I am no longer taking ANY NARCOTIC MEDICATIONS! I dive at least 3 times a week. I ride when I want and if a twinge of discomfort hits, I pull out my vape pen (blueberry cheesecake) and woosh it’s gone like it was never there. From the worst day of my life, I am now living the best days of my life and I have CTFO and the wonderful products and people to thank, and I thank them every day!